Aurland og Lærdal Reiselivslag


The fjord landscape is beautiful no matter the season and Aurland, Flam and Laerdal is an easily accessible destination all year. You can get there by train, express bus or in your own car and the round trip Norway in a Nutshell runs all year. Most tourists come during summer, but you are welcome to join the growing ranks of visitors who wish to experience a different season.


Springtime is wild and beautiful and offers fabulous scenery . Many see springtime as our most beautiful time of year. Are you visiting the Fjords in April/May the mountains are still covered with snow while at the fjord the meadows are green and fruit trees are in full bloom. From May 1st the ferry connection between Lærdal and Gudvangen cruises the Nærøyfjord offering you a unforgettable spring-time cruise.


A boat trip on the Naeroyfjord or a trip on the Flam railway is particularly thrilling in the winter, when the mountains are snow-covered and the waterfalls freeze to ice. Even though the weather can change quickly, the views are nearly always good and a stroll on the boat deck is a refreshing experience.


In Autumn time the mountains call with their beautiful autumn colours and abundance of blueberries for you to enjoy! The air is clear offering fabulous views, but there may be some rainy days as well, so remember to dress accordingly.
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