Aurland og Lærdal Reiselivslag


Aurland,Flåm and Lærdal offer beautiful nature and the area is perfectly  suited for those who likt activities! There are many great walks, and the mountains have many tempting tracks if you are looking for a challenging experience.     


Aurlandsdalen Valley

A must for hikers is the well-known and historic Aurlandsdalen. This Valley was once one of the main routes between the eastern and western part of Norway. The area is wild and breathtaking, rich in plant and animal life, cultural treasures, history and geological features.

You can hike through the valley and stay overnight in the mountain lodges along the way, or come by bus or private car for shorter trips 


Lærdal Historic Route

The many historic trails in Lærdal are splendid hiking trails and national tourist attractions in their own right. In beautiful surroundings around the Borgund Stave Church, you'll find the Sverrestigen Trail, Vindhellavegen, Seltåsen and Galdanevegen trail. Between Kyrkjestølen at Filefjell and Maristova is a 15 km trail along the old Kongevegen road. The Flåm Valley, the old royal mail road along the Nærøyfjord, Rimstigen path, the old Kongevegen Route on Filefjell Mountain, Hedler Path and the Prest mountain peak are other great alternatives for those who love to hike. 

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